commonwealth scholarship

On awards, I think I can say that I am a good average person. I am not the man who is attracted to so many awards in line here and there. I have generally done my work well. Every school I had gone to until I came through to the university, I start at the bottom but I end up as a class prefect.  I just do my work consistently and by the end, my colleagues would think that I should be their leader. There was no school or class I went to that I was not made the prefect but eventually, they either overthrow those who were prefects and put me there or for some reason, there is always a change.

As for being a little bit above average in terms of academics, I got the school award for academic excellence whether primary school, middle school, or teachers college. I was always awarded academic awards. I particularly remember my first real literature book, I was at standard seven which was the former first circle tenth grade. In my first ten years,  I never read any literature apart from class books.  That is how Hwiremoasi was. 

If you were born in Hwiremoasi, you had only a text book and that was all. It was a Christian book talking about Jesus Christ and how the crowd followed him. It was the first novel I read outside my textbooks and I liked it. I got a scholarship from Gilkstel West African limited which had a big sawmill at Sefieosu to the University of Ghana in 1968. The second scholarship I got was when I completed Legon. I  graduated among the third-best in the class and was given a commonwealth scholarship immediately to do my masters in Australia. I was adjudged the best student for a master’s program and in the life of that department in the university, I had the best masters ever.  I got distinction in all five subjects.

Ex-president John Agyekum Kufour’s administration conferred on me the Order of the Volta Companion of Ghana which was quite a surprise to me for the work I had done in GIMPA. This was the second-highest award anybody could get in  Ghana for public service.  The first award from the state is the Star then the Order of the Volta. Under the order of the Volta are three divisions the top is Companion, the Officer and then the Grand Medal so it was quite a surprise. I got another commonwealth scholarship to go and do PhD at Sydney University

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