Being an author is one of the ironies of my life. My first term during ‘O’ level I failed in English, and on the second attempt, I got a pass, therefore, I have never considered myself a writer though I have literally more than a hundred papers and articles to my name and twenty books published and about ten in the pipeline.

 My writings fall into three categories. The largest category is a range of Christian books about marriage and parenting. The second category is on personal financing and the rest are about what I discovered in my life which helped me and I want to pass it to my children and to others. So it is more of a record of what I believe in and what I believe I should share with my children and with other people who I minister to. For me, writing is not a matter of sitting down to want to compose. For example, I had difficulties with my personal finance. I prayed and God helped me to solve that problem. So I feel that others and my children can learn from my experiences. I must say that my children are a strong motivation for a lot of the things I do and write about.

There is a second set of writings that are job-related. For example, when I was in the investment sector, I did research on investment and technology transfer and that was my first book. I took the time to do research and to reference it and therefore it turned out to be a paper and some of them got published in academic journals. I prepared papers and speeches as the head of Ghana’s premier public service school.

Again two of my books on leadership were the outcome of lectures I gave. Example my third book on economics, we were having this special program for mature students and most of them I knew didn’t have the background to be able to read economics and understand. So I felt that my notes with my colleague Mr. Samuel Addo should be expanded.

 Then there are a set of writings that comes out of the fact that if you reach a certain level you are invited to give keynote addresses, speeches and things of that nature. So for me therefore writing is not going to end until I am incapacitated or dead.  I have worked on several books including one on my personal organization and one on personal transformation. How do you organize yourself to succeed, a personal organizational book and the other one is because I realized books on leadership are disjointed. I, therefore, seek to bring them together and elaborate more on spiritual servant relationship.

Another book I have worked on is 101 ways to find money to save and invest. Writing to me has never been a job so we don’t look to our writing for money. In fact, until recently, we lost more money writing. Both my wife and I see writing as a source of income but the Lord is so gracious to us, he has met all our needs so we consider writing as a ministry. 


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