With my concept of personal leadership you must learn how to lead yourself, how to manage yourself because if you are not looking at leadership in terms of position, power or authority but the ability to influence others towards a given course then you must be trustworthy and basically all the things that leaders do, you have to do it for yourself. Have a personal vision for yourself, a strategy towards achieving your vision and manage the departments of your life well if you want to have positive influence on others. If your family life is broken, when your children are corrupt and you yourself steal money here and there, you influence others in the negative way.

So these are some of the realities you have to learn to manage yourself, your spiritual life as a Christian, your financial life and your family life. What leaders actually have first in mind as leaders is by doing their technical work well as an engineer, as an economist etc. If not nobody will trust you with a real leadership position for you to have a larger platform to influence other people.

My wife and I had committed ourselves into Jesus Christ that we would like to marry in the way he would want us to. Not for anybody but for ourselves and you won’t believe that within three months of our marriage, people were coming to us for counseling.  And so these are some of the things one has to do. If you manage yourself well others will trust you.

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