Professor of Leadership.

The second area which is actually came in later but people would want to hear more so that one count much now because I came into that is Leadership. So my professorship is two things; Professor of Economics and Professor of Leadership.

Public Administrator

Then I was forced into Public Administration. So in fact, most of my published articles are in Public Administration.

Chartered Marketer

The other cluster is marketing. I am the oldest Chartered Marketer in Ghana. I chartered in 1973 but this does not mean am the oldest marketer but one who is qualified to the big role of chartered list to guide those who want to have the chartered degree and charter professionally.

I am an Economist

Basically, I am an Economist. Except that, I think I have grown Economics. For example at the National Policy Fair 2010, I was invited me to speak on “Ghana’s Part II Industrialization.” Some people would say this man, he is everywhere, is he an Economist? Am regarded as one of the top 100 Economists who have been produced by the University of Ghana and three years ago I was awarded with a gold medal. I think that Economics at a certain time you have to leave it for the younger ones. I understand economics in a way that many people don’t understand because my Economics is not a book Economics. It is one of the first principles.


Then what many people in Ghana have come to associate me with; Education. I am an Educationist but Educationist from grass root. I am a “Cert A” teacher before GIMPA. But I have taught at the University of Ghana, Sydney and other places before coming to GIMPA. But I am an Educationist/Education Administrator because they are not the same field. It is a tripartite qualification. It is teaching, education generally and education administration.

Chartered Company Secretary

I am a Chartered Company Secretary (CIS). CIS is a qualification during our time which has now become MBA because of MBA, it has almost vanished. The Americans had the MBA and the British Chartered Company Secretary.

Board member of zoomlion

I was invited to be the board chairman of Zoomlion just two months ago. One of the biggest challenges probably is because it is the fastest growing company in the country. And this causes a lot of troubles and challenges. It has gotten a great CEO, a visionary and it is a privilege to be supporting them.

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